Metal roofing advice for property owners with a metal roof or thinking about upgrading to a permanent metal roofing system.

Raccoons in the Attic

Every week we receive multiple calls from homeowners in Toronto and around the GTA that are losing sleep over raccoons on their roof and in their attic. Year after year, they are shelling out thousands of dollars on raccoon removal and raccoon related roof damages. Hoping for a better solution, stressed-out homeowners are increasingly exploring […]

Metal Roofing Warranties Exposed | Loopholes Revealed

We get it, buckling down to read a metal roofing warranty is probably the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day. But if you are seriously considering investing in a permanent roofing product, doing your homework could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars and a whole lot of headaches and disappointment.

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Why Batten Mounted Metal Roofing is a Poor Choice

Many batten mount products are batten mounted because of their inferior design. In other words, the design of the product requires it to be installed on battens. Battens for them are not really a good thing though they try to spin it that way. Battens for them are a necessary evil. This is the case primarily with many of the tile and shake facsimile products that mount on battens.

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Metal Roofing Decking, Battens and Underlayment

There are two general choices when it comes to the substrate that is used beneath metal roofing. The choice is between installing the metal roofing panels over battens or over solid decking. This blog article will look at both options.

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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Metal Roofing

Homeowners are increasingly considering upgrading to a permanent metal roofing system for the added style and benefits that it offers. Permanent metal roofing is an investment in your home and to help you get the best return on your investment, we have created this “Top 10” list of things to consider before buying. Read more