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    Coverage does not diminish over time.


    Free transfers to future buyers – builds value.

  • 100% RUST FREE

    Guaranteed for life – Aluminum doesn’t rust.


    The only metal roof guaranteed at any proximity to the ocean.


    Lifetime crack, chip and peel coverage.


    Guaranteed not to chip or leak due to hail.

  • 120 MPH WINDS

    Guaranteed up to 120 m.p.h. hurricane force winds.


    Should a warranted failure of materials occur, labour and materials are covered.

Permanent Metal Shake Style Roof with Lifetime Warranty

A True Lifetime Warranty Since 1980

All Classic Aluminum Roofing Systems carry a Lifetime Non Pro-rated Warranty. Classic Aluminum Roofs are the only true lifetime roofs available anywhere. We are confident that there is no better metal roof with a better warranty, at any price, anywhere. When you do your research you will understand why we say……..”An educated customer is our best customer!”

Not All “Lifetime” Warranties are Created Equal

Beware of the fine print. In many of today’s warranties it is the fine print and what’s not printed in the warranty that you need to worry about. Today’s roofing warranties boast 30, 40, 50 years and “lifetime” protection. By reading the warranty very carefully, you will find that they are prorated and will pay off surprisingly little if you can prove the product is faulty and not caused by improper ventilation or poor installation.

As long as you live in your home, our team of metal roofing experts are committed to providing you with the highest standard of customer service. Backed by our true lifetime warranty, your home will have permanent protection guaranteed.

Because Classic Aluminum roofing systems have the most technologically innovative Kynar® and Hylar® Coating systems, our warranty includes lifetime protection from crack, chip, and peel. Guaranteed 30 years protection from “fade and chalk” which is one of the factors that make our warranty the best in the metal roofing industry.

Permanent Protection Guaranteed:

  • covered – Non Pro-rated – your coverage will not decrease incrementally over time.
  • covered – Fade and Chalk – Kynar® and Hylar® Coating Systems stay looking new.
  • covered – Sun, wind, snow, ice and hail – insurance rates typically lower.
  • covered – A True Lifetime Warranty – for as long as you live in your home.
  • covered – Salty Sea Air – aluminum will never rust.
  • covered – Lake Front Properties – guaranteed protection near lakes and oceans.
  • covered – Unlimited Free Transfers up to 40 Years- increasing home value.

Classic Products roofing outperforms every other roof because it was designed to do so. The first key is that Classic Products roofs are made of a top-quality aluminum. Aluminum is recognized worldwide as the best combination of strength and low weight: that’s why space and air vehicles use aluminum components. Also, aluminum naturally forms a barrier against oxidation, which means that a Classic Products roof cannot rust.

Steel vs Aluminum Roofing

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