Last updated on October 3rd, 2018 at 03:05 pm

2018 Projected Installation Wait Times

Planning to upgrade to a Classic Metal Roof this year? To avoid disappointment please refer to this general guideline for your planning purposes.

*Month refers to the month of contract signing.

Projected 2018 Installation Wait Times - Head Office Dealership Only
Shingle Styles
n/a4-6 weeks4-6 weeks4-6 weeks4-6 weeks6-8 weeks14-18 weeks16-20 weeks10-12
10-12 weeksSpring 2019Spring 2019
Standing SeamSpring 2019TBDTBDTBDTBDTBD

Why the Wait?

As the good weather progresses more and more homeowners start to think about their roof. Better roofing companies will always be booked solid at least a month in advance. By waiting until summer when the majority of people are trying to lock down their new roof (before winter), you will significantly increase your wait time.

*Individual wait times can vary depending on size, ease or difficulty of installation. Please check with your Classic Metal Roof Technician or your local contractor for your individual projected wait time.

Emergency Leak Stop Service

Is your roof leaking and need our attention right away? We have an emergency leak stop service for customers waiting for their scheduled installation. Please ask your Classic Roofing Technician to schedule a service appointment to keep your house dry until your new roof is ready to go on.