Oxford Shingle Style Roofing Panels in Solid Copper


Copper has long been recognized around the world as the most elegant roof available. Copper roofs that are centuries old still protect buildings across Europe with a natural beauty that no other material can provide. Copper is a non-corrosive metal that patinas to a beautiful green over time.

Traditionally, copper roofing has been custom fabricated by coppersmiths as the roof was installed. With coppersmithing becoming a lost art and custom projects being uneconomical for most property owners, the use of copper has been on a steep decline in recent years.

CLASSIC have developed multiple copper products on a production scale to provide property owners with copper roofing that any professional contractor can install—ushering history’s most proven roofing material into the 21s century.

Like every Classic Metal Roof, these products are engineered to the highest standards of quality and performance