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Comparison Steel Roof vs Aluminum Roof 15 Years After Installation.

Stone Coated Steel Roof


CLASSIC Aluminum Roof

Steel Roofing in Canada is gaining popularity but did you know that architectural grade aluminum roofing stands head-and-shoulders above steel roofing? Chances are, that if you are on this page, you already understand the benefits of metal roofing vs asphalt. – What you may not know is that not all metal roofs are created equal.

When upgrading to a new metal roofing system it pays to invest in the right roof

— not the cheapest roof.

Steel is classified as a ferrous metal, which means that when steel is exposed to oxygen and the elements, it forms ferric oxide or red rust. Red rust on steel deteriorates the structural integrity of the steel and leaves unsightly, flaky red granules around the infected area. Red rust on steel begins anywhere the steel is exposed. Dents, scratches, or cut edges, bends and holes that are unavoidable during installation, will eventually result in rust formation, streaks and stains. When inspected carefully, most 50 year steel warranties do not actually cover against rust formation where the steel has been exposed during the installation process.

Steel Roofing – A Closer Look

Upgrading to a metal roof is a big investment, choosing the right metal roofing is critical. Steel roofing, or economy metal roofing is widely available in Ontario today. If you are considering steel roofing, and you plan on staying in your current home for a long time, it is very important to fully understand the benefits that you would be giving up by going with the cheaper product.

“The thing we worry about is that most GTA homeowners haven’t had a steel roof in their neighbourhood long enough to see what actually happens over time. It really pays to do your research and insist on seeing installations that are at least 10 years old.”

Steel vs Aluminum at a Glance

ferrous metal – cannot be guaranteed to never rustnon-ferrous metal – will never rust.
commonly installed using problematic battens or strappinginstalled using best practice solid decking method.
largest portion of cost is for complicated installationlargest portion of cost is for high quality product
space between panel and deck trap moisture and condensationonly enough space between panel and deck for thermal break
heat retention in summer increase air cooling costs.heat emissivity and solar reflectivity reduce air cooling costs.
ocean air will corrode a steel roof at an accelerated rateguaranteed at any proximity to the ocean
recycled content up to 35%95% recycled content
prone to tension bend staining (TBS)not prone to TBS
weighs over 200lbs/square – check local building code for safe limitsweighs average 40lbs/square – can be installed over up to 2 layers of asphalt


Both Steel and Aluminum roofing products are considered to be permanent options. Since 50% to 60% of your homes exterior is the roof it makes a lot of sense to go with a permanent and attractive product that will increase home value. Things you may want to consider before investing on a metal roof include functional lifespan, cosmetic lifespan, energy efficiency, panel design, and installation method.