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Metal Roofing company in Ontario Canada

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Not all roofing systems were created equal, and when it comes to metal roofing the same is true. With some of our products dating back to 1959, Classic Aluminum Roofing Systems have proven performance in real time under real circumstances. For over 35 years Classic Metal Roofing Systems have honoured their lifetime warranty, exceptional in that it is non pro-rated, and includes coverage on colour coatings. We are so committed to also providing exceptional installation services, that we own and manage our own exclusive installation division.
Metal Roof Lifetime Warranty
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Metal Roofing Systems Experts in Ontario

Classic Products Roofing Systems are the Canadian experts in permanent metal roofing. Specializing in high quality aluminum roofing distribution and installation, we are passionate about what we do because know that there simply is no better roofing product in Canada.

Is a Metal Roof Right for Me?

Before deciding on making the investment on a new metal roof, it is important for homeowners to first determine their criteria. Beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability of a roofing product are common concerns among homeowners. When comparing metal roofing systems it is very important to also scrutinize installation methods, fastening systems, colour coating systems, strength-to-weight ratios, and metal composition. Making the best choices for all of these factors will ultimately determine your return on investment.

What Makes Our Metal Roofs Better?

Any steel roofing warranty, when looked at closely, will not protect homeowners from the inevitable rusting that will occur. Due to low quality coatings or the unavoidable cut edges and screw holes needed for installation, steel will rust. If the idea of rust staining on your roof is unacceptable then a Classic Aluminum Roof is the answer. With unmatched durability, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the business, there is no better roofing product in Canada.

Our Customers Say it Best

Just wanted to say the crew that worked on our roof were absolutely amazing!! Great team, very polite and respectful of our home and space, very helpful and cooperative, and not just with us as the homeowners but amongst themselves :) aside from the hammering you would never know they were here! LoL. I'm truly humbled by the entire experience. Myself aside from my crazy Renos I worked property management and was in charge of many different crews etc. I have never seen such efficient quick and careful crew that are respectful of each other too!! I'm so happy as I said I am truly humbled. I wish them all the best in their future with Classic Pro. Roofing Systems Inc. - C.A., Mississauga, ON 2015

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