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Markham Reviews

It has been 20 years since we purchased our Classic Aluminum Roof and it still looks like the first day it was installed.

Phillip P.Markham, ON

I would like to recognize Gord for his exceptional service. I already recommended the company to my friends and neighbours.

Stephen H.Markham, ON 2017

I would highly recommend to anyone to seriously consider investing in a Classic Aluminum Roof.

Phillip P.Markham, ON

How Do I Chose the Right Metal Roof for For My Home?

As Metal Roofing gains popularity in Scarborough, product options are growing. Homeowners wanting a truly permanent solution can get the best ROI by understanding what to look for.

ROI Checklist:

vs. Overlapping Panels ✗
Look For: 4-way interlocking panels that have been uplift tested for high speed winds.
vs. overlapping panels that come apart.

vs. Polyester Paints ✗
Look for: technologically innovative PVDF coatings guaranteed against crack, chip, peel, fade and chalk.
vs. cheap polyester based paints that don’t last.
vs. Exposed Fasteners ✗
Look for: fasteners designed for long term, maintenance-free performance.
vs. exposed fasteners that wear out, wallow out and need replacement. 

vs. Installed Over Battens and Strapping ✗
Look For: best practice direct to roof deck installed systems.
vs. agricultural use systems needing battens and strapping.
vs. Rust Prone Steel ✗
Look for: Aluminum that will never rust and can even be guaranteed at any proximity to the ocean.
vs. steel that eventually will rust – beware of warranty loopholes around rust.
vs. Pro-rated and Non-transferable ✗
Look for: a true lifetime warranty that will not decrease over time.
vs pro-rated warranties leaving you no coverage over time.
Lighter weight products with reduced cave-in probability and extreme weather resistance. Can be eligible for preferred insurance rates.
Modern metal roofs should be energy efficient. Be sure to ask for lab test results to back up claims. Some cool metal roofs are eligible for grants.
Look for warranty coverage for cosmetic life as well as functional life to maximize increased home value.

Aluminum Benefits


    Clean lines and many colour choices to enhance the look of any style home.


    So durable it comes with a lifetime non pro-rated warranty.


    Tested and guaranteed up to 120 mph hurricane force winds.


    The most sustainable pitched roofing product available.


    High SRI cool roofing saves money and the environment.


    Permanent and worry-free for life our roofs require no routine maintenance.


    The only roof guaranteed at any proximity to the ocean.


    The highest fire rating available for roofing products.

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Red Metal Shingle Roof in Markham.

Metal Roofing in Markham – Now and Then

Metal Roofing in Markham has evolved from traditional barn style roofing to modern metal roofs. Durable metal roof options that suit heritage homes in Unionville to new builds in Angus Glen are popping up everywhere. While standing seam vertical panels suit many heritage homes, Markham residents are also choosing to go with metal shingles and metal cedar look-alike products that are permanent and require no maintenance.

Steel vs Aluminum Roofing

There are many metal roof products available in Markham. Steel, because of it’s abundance and low cost is quite common, but over the past couple of decades, aluminum products designed for residential use have made huge gains in popularity. Proven to be the most cost effective and maintenance-free solution over the long term, aluminum will never rust (which is steel’s biggest downfall).

Steel Roofing vs Aluminum Roofing at a Glance
ferrous metal – cannot be guaranteed to never rustnon-ferrous metal – will never rust.
commonly installed using problematic battens or strappinginstalled using best practice solid decking method.
largest portion of cost is for complicated installationlargest portion of cost is for high quality product
space between panel and deck trap moisture and condensationonly enough space between panel and deck for thermal break
heat retention in summer increase air cooling costs.heat emissivity and solar reflectivity reduce air cooling costs.
ocean air will corrode a steel roof at an accelerated rateguaranteed at any proximity to the ocean
recycled content up to 35%95% recycled content
prone to tension bend staining (TBS)not prone to TBS
weighs over 200lbs/square – check local building code for safe limitsweighs average 40lbs/square – can be installed over up to 2 layers of asphalt


Both Steel and Aluminum roofing products are considered to be permanent options. Since 50% to 60% of your home’s exterior is the roof it makes a lot of sense to go with a permanent and attractive product that will increase home value. Things you may want to consider before investing on a metal roof include functional lifespan, cosmetic lifespan, energy efficiency, panel design, and installation method.

Metal Roofing Company Serving Markham Since 2004

Since 2004 Classic Products Roofing Systems have been upgrading homes in Markham with durable and beautiful cool metal roofs. Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable, a Classic roof is eligible for a Cool Roofing Grant from The City of Toronto Energy and Environment Division. All backed by true lifetime non pro-rated warranties, a Classic roof is a lasting investment in your home.

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost compared to asphalt?

A high quality aluminum roofing systems is a homeowner’s most economical choice. Though the initial can be about 3 times more than an asphalt roof, an aluminum roof saves in many ways – decade after decade. Often installed over the original roof, homeowners save on stripping and disposal costs. A cool aluminum roof also provides significant energy savings year after year. The beauty and durability of a modern metal roof increases the value of your home and if you chose a product with a true lifetime warranty, you can break the cycle of repairing and replacing shingle roofs every 10-12 years.

How long does it take to install a metal roof?

The length of time it takes to install your new metal roof can vary. Dependent on factors like roof area, pitch changes and product type, installation (on average) takes about 4 to 10 days for most roofs.  What you may not realize is the wait time to start your job can vary greatly depending on the time of year that your contract is signed. Please see here for approximate wait times.

Can you walk on a metal roof?

Yes. Classic metal roofs can handle the occasional level of traffic that is usual for a roof. In fact, our installers walk all over the roof as they are working. The aluminum is high strength and the deep textures provide even greater strength. High traffic areas of your roof can also be fortified with high traffic foam backing.

What payment options do I have?

We offer competitive financing options through our partners at FinanceIt. To respect your privacy, we can send financing pre-approval applications directly to your inbox. The application process can be completed in minutes from the comfort of your own home. Please ask your Classic Roofing Technician for details.

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