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Metal Shake Roof Installed Milton 2016


Interlocking Panels

Panels lock on all 4 sides and guaranteed to perform up to 120 m.p.h. hurricane winds.


Panels are designed to be installed directly to the roof deck. No need for problematic battens and strapping used to install barn grade products.

Concealed Fasteners

Concealed fasteners won’t wear out over time because they are never exposed the harsh conditions of the Canadian climate.

PVDF Coatings

Technologically advanced PVDF coatings are thermally set and unmatched in the industry for long term performance. Guaranteed to never crack, chip, or peel and covered by lifetime warranty.

Metal Roofing in Milton first made its way into the community on agricultural buildings. Known as “barn tin” inexpensive steel panels were through fastened onto barns. Today we see an increasing number of homes in Milton utilizing metal roofing. Homeowners who plan on staying in their homes for a long time, are now looking for high quality metal roofing options that will not rust. There are many metal roofing products that are now being sold for residential applications, some of which is actually “barn tin” re-purposed and others specifically engineered to perform with the needs of homeowners in mind. Architectural grade aluminum and steel roofing (that has been designed specifically for residential use) outperforms cheap steel roofing commonly used on barns and sheds across Ontario. A metal roof of any kind will cost significantly more than asphalt shingles and homeowners would be well advised to do their homework before making their final choice.

Metal Roofing Contractors Servicing Milton

Since 2004 Classic Products Roofing Systems have been upgrading  homes in Milton with cool roofing systems. Designed with beauty and durability in mind, Classic Metal Roofing is also the most environmentally friendly choice for peaked or pitched roofs.

Permanent Metal Roofing

Classic Metal Roofing Systems are all backed by a true lifetime warranty. Free from loopholes and fine print (because we use the best materials and manufacturing practices). We encourage all homeowners to take the time to read every word on the warranty of any roofing product that they are seriously considering.

Guaranteed to never peel, crack or chip, high quality aluminum or steel roofing outperforms all non-permanent roofing options. Find out more about our Warranty.

Classified as Premium Metal Roofing Panels by the Metal Construction Association, Classic Metal Roofing Systems have passed aggressive and exacting testing to ensure its quality will withstand the test of time.

Milton Reviews

We are very pleased with our experience with Classic Products Metal Roofing and delighted with the finished product! Our home is a lifetime investment, so we consider the roof to be an equally important investment. We did a lot of research and careful consideration, but at the end the choice was not difficult. What set Classic apart from the other companies was the great mix of: (1) A very smart design – where other companies have exposed nails or screws (that will inevitably come loose in the future and allow water to leak); Classic does not, it’s all tucked-in and covered so no leaks down the road; (2) Our sales experience with Joseph was great, he was genuine and the after sales service has remained responsive to our questions; (3) Installation that was very well done – the team did a great job, and we noticed the small things such as keeping the job site clean and organized (a sign of care in their work). We’ve even had neighbours stop by and tell us our roof looks “amazing”! The quality and great look of the roof really stands out and adds to the value of our home.

Laura O.Milton, ON 2016