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Ottawa Home after dark charcoal colour metal shingle installation

Metal Roofing for The Ottawa Region

Metal roofing in Ottawa has a long history that started on Parliament Hill. Believed to be the first of it’s kind in North America, the original wrought-iron roof of the Parliamentary Library was imported from Manchester in around 1869. After progressive restorations throughout the 19th century, all of the original Parliament buildings are now adorned with copper roofs. Although beautiful and extremely long lasting, copper roofing, because of its hefty price tag, is not accessible to most Canadians. Homeowners in Ottawa wanting a durable and long lasting alternative to common asphalt shingles have the option of steel or aluminum roofs.

How Do I Chose the Right Metal Roof for For My Home?

As Metal Roofing gains popularity in The Ottawa Region, product options are growing. Homeowners wanting a truly permanent solution can get the best ROI by understanding what to look for.

ROI Checklist:

vs. Overlapping Panels ✗
Look For: 4-way interlocking panels that have been uplift tested for high speed winds.
vs. overlapping panels that come apart.

vs. Polyester Paints ✗
Look for: technologically innovative PVDF coatings guaranteed against crack, chip, peel, fade and chalk.
vs. cheap polyester based paints that don’t last.
vs. Exposed Fasteners ✗
Look for: fasteners designed for long term, maintenance-free performance.
vs. exposed fasteners that wear out, wallow out and need replacement. 

vs. Installed Over Battens and Strapping ✗
Look For: best practice direct to roof deck installed systems.
vs. agricultural use systems needing battens and strapping.
vs. Pro-rated and Non-transferable ✗
Look for: a true lifetime warranty that will not decrease over time.
vs pro-rated warranties leaving you no coverage over time.
Lighter weight products with reduced cave-in probability and extreme weather resistance. Can be eligible for preferred insurance rates.
Modern metal roofs should be energy efficient. Be sure to ask for lab test results to back up claims. Some cool metal roofs are eligible for grants.
Look for warranty coverage for cosmetic life as well as functional life to maximize increased home value.

Ottawa Reviews

I was looking for a company that would coordinate with my stucco contractor to put a platform on my roof for dormer work, while making sure that our specialized metal roof came out of the project unharmed. Where other companies in the Ottawa area didn’t want the complexity or wanted all the business (including stucco) for themselves, Classic Product was willing to work alongside my contractor to find a way to make sure the job was completed well, and completed safely. I’m particularly impressed how Darryl Brubacher (VP/GM) and Ken Landry (metal roofing specialist) took up the challenge to find the right approach, obviously taking time to work through the possibilities together and (I think) having fun while doing it.

Gary B.Ottawa, ON

Metal Roof Benefits


    Clean lines and many colour choices to enhance the look of any style home.


    So durable it comes with a lifetime non pro-rated warranty.


    Tested and guaranteed up to 120 mph hurricane force winds.


    The most sustainable pitched roofing product available.


    High SRI cool roofing saves money and the environment.


    Permanent and worry-free for life our roofs require no routine maintenance.


    The only roof guaranteed at any proximity to the ocean.


    The highest fire rating available for roofing products.

Oxford Metal Shingle roof in Ottawa ON

Residential Metal Roofing Options

In Ottawa you will find a decent range of metal roofing product options. Questions to ask yourself before trying to identify the right product are:

How long will I be living in this home?

This is an important question because you can compare cost over time for any product that you are considering. Pro Tip: try to use your own experience rather than warranty claims about how long an asphalt roofs last. Asphalt warranties are heavily pro-rated and 90% of re-roofing inquiries we see here are at year 11-12.

Is a maintenance-free product important to me?

Through fastened metal roofs that need to be installed over battens are not maintenance-free. At some point you will need to tighten and/or replace the screws and repaint exposed steel that has rusted. Systems with concealed fasteners cost more but eliminate the need to tighten and replace screws. Aluminum systems also cost more but will never rust. People on a fixed income or with mobility issues will be further ahead to pay more up front for a maintenance free option.

How much do I care about cosmetic lifespan?

Steel roofs that can functionally last 40 to 50 years will typically lose their visual appeal in a much shorter time-frame. While an old steel roof may keep your home watertight for the duration of its warranty, its appearance could diminish the resale value of your home. Currently PVDF coatings will give the longest cosmetic lifespan but won’t prevent rust on exposed edges (unavoidable for installation). Aluminum roofing with PVDF coatings cost a bit more but offer the longest cosmetic life for a metal roofing product.

Steel vs Aluminum at a Glance

ferrous metal – cannot be guaranteed to never rustnon-ferrous metal – will never rust.
ocean air will corrode a steel roof at an accelerated rateguaranteed at any proximity to the ocean
recycled content up to 35%95% recycled content
prone to tension bend staining (TBS)not prone to TBS
weighs over 200lbs/square – check local building code for safe limitsweighs average 40lbs/square – can be installed over up to 2 layers of asphalt


Since 50% to 60% of your homes exterior is the roof it makes a lot of sense to go with a permanent and attractive product that will increase home value. Things you may want to consider before investing on a metal roof include warranty terms and exclusions, functional lifespan, cosmetic lifespan, energy efficiency, panel design, and installation methods.

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