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Insurance Discount for Metal Roofing

Have a steel or aluminum roof? Your insurer may owe you a big break on your premiums. Most insurance providers in Ontario discount home insurance rates for homes with metal roofs thanks to superior durability, fire resistance, and impact resistance. 

Insurance companies favour metal roofing systems because they’re far less likely to sustain damage from hail, a windstorm, and house fires. The fewer claims, the lower your insurance premiums.

Your insurance provider may offer discounts depending on factors such as the roof’s material (steel or aluminum), manufacturer, quality of coating, and fire resistance rating. The most common discounts include: 

  • New Metal Roof Discount: a new roof is less likely to leak or have other damage since it is brand new.
  • Impact and Hail Resistance Discount: discounts for impact resistance depend on roofing and roofing material used, as well as your location. The discount is usually greater when the house is in an area that is prone to hail.
  • Fire Resistance Discount: no roof is more fire-resistant than a metal roof. Both Armadura Steel Roofing and Classic Products Aluminum Roofing are rated Class A for fire resistance.

Preferred Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Exclusive to Classic Products Roofing Systems customers, Unica insurance, partnered with Hugh Wood Canada Insurance Brokers are offering a custom-made LIVeasy® premium home insurance program at preferred rates.

Why Do Homeowners with a Classic Metal Roof Get Preferred Insurance Rates from Unica?

Class “A” Fire Rated

Classic Metal Roofing Systems, is a leader in manufacturing fire-safe roofing systems. Our products are Class “A” fire rated and a fraction of the weight of heavy steel and tile roofing products which have a greater cave-in risk.

Highest Hail and Impact Resistance Ratings

Classic Metal Roofing Systems carry the UL 2218 Class IV Impact Resistance rating. This is the highest rating available for a roofing material.

High-Speed Wind Tested

Classic Metal Roofing Systems have passed wind and uplift tests, including UL 580 – a test that simulates wind speeds over 120 miles per hour. Thanks to our four-way interlocking tile system, we also passed the performance requirements of hurricane-prone regions.

Best-in-Class Home Insurance Protection

  • $2 million liability coverage including Personal Injury Liability, Volunteer Liability and Non-Profit Directors and Officers Liability.
  • Higher limits of coverage for your personal property.
  • Dedicated adjuster assigned to you personally to help you through the claims process.
  • Option to rebuild your home on a different site.
  • Option to choose cash settlement for your home.
  • Option to choose cash settlement for your belongings.

 LIVEasy® Insurance Program Benefits

  • Competitive Premiums
  • Many Discounts Available
  • Best-in-Class Protection
  • Automatic Enrolment in Club LIVEasy
  • VIP Service by Hugh Wood Canada Insurance Brokers

To Learn more about LIVEasy® preferred rates for Classic Products Roofing Systems customers please contact:

Nancy Hamilton
Hugh Wood Canada
4120 Yonge Street, Suite 201
Toronto, ON, M2P 2B8

LIVEasy® Features and Benefits