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Mississauga Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing in Mississauga can be seen on almost every residential block. As property values increase, many homeowners in Mississauga are looking for ways to upgrade and build value into their homes. Upgrading to a high quality and permanent metal roof has proven to give a great return on investment. In the GTA alone there are probably at least a dozen metal roofing companies to choose from. Each company will have their own product offerings varying in design, paint, and finish. Installation techniques will vary depending on the product design and warranty terms can also vary greatly. In a 2017 consumer poll, data shows that over 60% of homeowners considering metal roofing say they have been researching 1 year or longer. It is wise for homeowners to do their research. A permanent metal roof is a significant investment in the home, making the right choice will ensure the best ROI.

Below is a checklist for what to look for in a better quality metal roofing system. These features are good indicators that the product you are considering has been designed specifically for residential use.

Checklist for A High Quality Metal Roof
4 WAY INTERLOCKING PANELSShingles are actively engaged on all four sides.Increased wind resistance – Some higher quality products can guarantee up to 120mph winds.
CONCEALED CLIP FASTENERSFasteners are not exposed to the elements: sun, rain, ice and snow. Clips designed to allow for thermal movement.Allow for natural thermal expansion and contraction of roof = increased longevity and performance. No maintenance required.
DIRECT TO DECK INSTALLATIONPanels are designed to be installed directly to the roof deck.No need for problematic wood strapping used with agricultural grade roofing products.
PVDF FINISHPVDF colour formulations that go by the trade name Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000®.Best performing form of coating/finish for metal architectural building products.

Mississauga Resident’s Re-Roofing Story

Karen M. in South Mississauga shares her experience from her metal roof installed in 2009.

What metal roofing product did you go with and why? 

I chose the Rustic Aluminum Shingle Roof in black because it has a very rustic but natural look to it. One of the reasons why I went with the black is because my house has reclaimed red brick. The reclaimed brick was over 100 years old and I had it shipped in from California and I thought that the red reclaimed brick with the black shingles would look striking. My husband and I both agreed fairly quickly because I actually fell in love with the product when I first saw it. 

Coming from Jamaica, we had a lot of Spanish tile roofing made of clay but what happens is they break or often crack. When you try to replace it the colours don’t match. So 100% I would never go with the clay tile. My in-laws that had clay tile, had a hurricane damage the roof and when they went to fix it, they could not match the roof and had to re-roof the whole thing. All because of 5 tiles that needed to be replaced. 

What advice would you give to someone needing a new roof? 

The first thing to be aware of is the quality of product that they are putting on their home. It can happen that you need to replace parts of the roof later on down the road. With me, I had to replace parts of the roof because we had to add on to the house. If I had clay tiles, I would have to re do the entire home instead of just adding on to the existing roof. 

When you did the additions in 2015, did the roof you chose match up with original 2009 roof? 

Absolutely, 100%. You cannot see the difference. Even though the roofing had been put on 6 years apart you cannot tell where it starts and ends (old and new). 

Is it noisy when it rains? 

You will hear the rain a little bit yes, but I wouldn’t say its noisy. Because its aluminum, when it rains you can hear the rain coming down but I thinks it’s rather nice actually. Its not a loud noise that’s annoying. You can hear the sound too if your windows are open, but I can’t say it’s offensive in any way. 

What do your neighbours think about your metal roof? 

My neighbours have been fascinated with it. They stand outside trying to figure it where the old roof stops and the new roof starts, they can’t believe how it never faded. 

Would you make the same roofing choice if you moved and had to do it all over again? 

If I was to move to another house I would definitely go with the aluminum roof again. I think it was worth every penny. It does cost more than other products but for example, I have an aluminum shake, if I was to go with a cedar shake regardless of the weight, the shake will only last so long. My neighbor next door had cedar shakes, the very expensive heavy ones and moss started growing underneath it. Lots of moss, and they had to have different companies come and use a steaming machine and different things to remove the moss. When they were selling their home they had to do it again and by the following summer all the moss started coming up again. So, they had to actually re-roof the entire house. My other neighbour has had to re-roof 3 times since I had mine done. A lot of people don’t want to spend the extra money up front, but what they don’t realize is that you have this for a lifetime.  

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Mississauga Reviews

The roofing technician was so easy to deal with. He came to our house a few times to meet with my wife and I. He was very patient. He was super fast at returning calls and emails. He was really a great person to have on their team.

Aaron W.Mississauga, ON

Product looks excellent. Staff are very nice and listen to concerns and have excellent workmanship. They don’t mind if you ask questions, and are very responsive.

Maryan N.Mississauga, ON


Interlocking Panels

Panels lock on all 4 sides and guaranteed to perform up to 120 m.p.h. hurricane winds.


Panels are designed to be installed directly to the roof deck. No need for problematic battens and strapping used to install barn grade products.

Concealed Fasteners

Concealed fasteners won’t wear out over time because they are never exposed the harsh conditions of the Canadian climate.

PVDF Coatings

Technologically advanced PVDF coatings are thermally set and unmatched in the industry for long term performance. Guaranteed to never crack, chip, or peel and covered by lifetime warranty.

Local News: City of Mississauga creates Climate Change Action Plan

To address the growing global concerns for climate change, The City of Mississauga is in the process of creating their "Climate Change Action Plan". Did you know that certain high quality metal roofing systems are actually classified as Cool Roofs and can significantly reduce heat island effect and energy consumption? In Canada, the City of Toronto is leading the charge with their Eco Roof Incentive Program that gives cash incentives for upgrading to a cool or green roof. It's time for other Canadian cities to take action and give homeowners a similar incentive to make the environmentally sustainable and responsible roofing choice.
Your voice can be heard by requesting a cool roofing incentive to be included in the plan here.

MCA Certified Premium Roofing Products

Metal Construction Association Certified

ASTM 4145

Finish is subjected to extreme bends and tested for flexibility and adhesion.


Substrate is subjected to 1000 hours of salt spray and tested for corrosion resistance.

ASTM D2244

Finish is subjected to 10 years of real time UV exposure and tested for fade resistance.

ASTM D2794

Both substrate and finish are subjected to impact and tested for penetration and peeling, cracking, etc.
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