Why Choose Us?

A Canadian owned and operated metal roofing company headquartered in Ontario, Canada since 2004. We’re passionate about metal roofing and are very proud to offer the best product and warranty in the business. We now exclusively sell and install Classic Aluminum Roofing because we know from experience that steel and other temporary roofing options were not living up to customers’ expectations. Run by Darryl Brubacher and Abe Reimer, Classic Products Roofing Systems Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor and Ontario contractor for Classic Aluminum Roofing Systems. Darryl and Abe grew up in rural Ontario where traditional metal roofs are common.

We always knew that metal roofing was better than asphalt and other temporary roofs. We come from a place where permanence and sustainability are a priority. We only supply and install Classic Aluminum because we know there is no better roofing system in Canada.

Every member of the Classic team understands that making the switch to a permanent roof can be a large investment for the average Canadian homeowner. We believe in educating homeowners first and helping them understand what their options are and the pros and cons of each.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems Team

Who Stands Behind Our True Lifetime Warranty? – We Do!

Over 35 Years of Warranties Honoured

We don’t just claim to have the best metal roofing product, we know. Having proven in real time that Classic Aluminum Roofing Systems are true lifetime roofing systems, our manufacturer Classic Metal Roofing Systems (just 300 kilometers south of Ontario in a little town called Piqua, Ohio) have stood behind their lifetime warranty for over 35 years and counting.

You Expect Professional and Reliable Installers…

And So Do We.

Let’s face it, the roofing industry generally does not have the best reputation when it comes to contractors and installers. Because of our lifetime warranty, we can’t afford to put on a poorly performing roof. That’s why every installation team leader is hand picked and trained by Abe Reimer himself.

Metal Shingle Installation

Our Installers Are:

  • WSIB Compliant
  • Working at Heights Trained
  • Classic Systems Trained
  • Direct to Deck Method Trained
  • Awesome People!

What You Can Expect

  • On Time Every Time

    Getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Show Courtesy and Respect

    Treating others as we would like to be treated.

  • No Course Language

    Showing self-respect and respect to neighbours.

  • Job Site Clean and Organized

    Your property is tidy at the end of the work day.

We are so committed to setting the standard for professionalism and quality of work that we have taken ownership and management of our own exclusive metal roofing installation company.