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Aluminum Roof Rustic Shingle Panel Style Vermont Slate Colour

Why Aluminum Roofing?

Residential metal roofing has become one of the most progressive trends in the home improvements sector. Homeowners that have invested in upgrading their outdated asphalt shingles are benefiting from the long lasting rewards that only high quality aluminum roofing can offer.

With a proven performance expectation of 50+ years, homes that are protected by certified premium quality aluminum roofing also beautify their neighbourhoods. With their distinct architectural profiles and long lasting finishes, aluminum roofing enhances the look of every home and increases property value.

From a practical point of view, the well-known benefits of aluminum roofing are many. Energy efficiency by keeping homes cooler in summer months, fire resistance, elimination of mold growth, extreme weather resistance, no fee warranty transfers to all future homeowners, and recycled content of up to 95% are just some of the reasons why more and more people are making the switch for the last roof they will ever need.

All Metal Roofing Systems Are Not Created Equal.

Classic Products aluminum roofing systems outperform every other kind of roof because they were designed to do so. The first key is that Classic Products aluminum roofs are made of a top-quality aluminum. Aluminum is recognized worldwide as the best combination of strength and low weight: that’s why space and air vehicles use aluminum components. Also, aluminum naturally forms a barrier against oxidation, which means that a Classic Products aluminum roof will never rust.

Many aluminum roofing systems are batten mounted because of their inferior design. In other words, the design of the product requires it to be installed on battens. Battens for roofing companies that use them, are not really a good thing though they try to spin it that way. Battens for them are a necessary evil. Classic Products Aluminum Roofing Systems are directly attached to the roof decking on an elementary level and do not need problematic strapping or battens.

The Environmentally Responsible Choice

The environmental benefits of aluminum roofing are also something to feel good about. Classic Products aluminum roofing is made of up to 95% post consumer recycled materials with a minimal carbon footprint. Special Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000 hI-R coating reflects radiant heat and cuts energy costs by up to 30%. Attic temperatures are reduced by up to 34% and “dead” airspace blocks heat transfer by conduction. Installing a metal roof can also increase the life of your air conditioner. Aluminum roofing is light and can be installed over most existing roofs which significantly reduces landfill disposal, and the expenses associated with the disposal of broken down asphalt waste. An approximated 1.25 million tons of asphalt-based roofing materials are put into landfills annually in Canada. On average a metal roof lasts the equivalent of 3 asphalt roofing cycles, which could eliminate up to 12 tons of landfill waste for each home that makes the switch to metal roofing.



The alternative to overlapping panels are panels that actively lock together. These panels do well in wind uplift testing, and they do not present the opportunity for debris or water to work its way underneath. These systems have locking hems on all four sides of the panes, and are actively engaged (hooked) into one another all the way around. This method of connection provides for the highest levels of wind, water, and uplift resistance—the most permanent and storm-proof roofing. Such systems also employ concealed fasteners hidden by the next course or row of shingles.

  • actively engaged on all 4 sides
  • provides highest levels of wind, water and uplift resistance
  • the most permanent and storm proof roofing system


The finest coating available today uses PVDF chemistry – polyvinylideneflouride. With this coating, the resin is based upon the the very hard, glass-like mineral fluorite; which creates an extremely tight molecular bond. These coatings are known to resist materials sticking to them and for incredible durability in terms of fade and chalk resistance. The fluorite resin protects the pigment and holds everything together. It is well know by architects that the best exterior coating that exists today is based on this chemistry. There is no better colour coating system on the horizon – period.

We are so confident about our colour coating system that we are one of the only metal roofing providers in the world that actually include fade and chalk resistance as part of our lifetime warranty.


While old school metal roofs had exposed fasteners, design technology has brought roofs with concealed fasteners. The concealed fasteners don’t need the neoprene washers that wear out, because they are never exposed to the weather. Additionally, concealed fasteners, through clip design and sometimes panel design, allow for the thermal movement of the metal. The roof is held secure, but there are ways for it to float incrementally and move with temperature changes without anything breaking down or coming less weathertight with age.

  • never exposed to weather – won’t wear out
  • allow for natural thermal movement
  • permanently weathertight


Some metal roof panels are installed on battens while others are installed directly to the roof decking on an elementary level. Battens are rows of 1×2″s nailed to the roof first to provide a racking system for the roof panels to fasten into. This was another installation method derived from old school metal roofs installed over barns; so all panels installed over battens also have exposed fasteners. Putting down battens raises the level of the roof which means gutters have to be raised and the roof level can sometimes get too high on homes with dormer windows – the roof can begin to run into the bottom of the windows.

Metal roofers using wood strapping or battens will often say they use this old technique to control condensation by creating an air chamber to dry the inevitable drip or sweat from the metal shingle. This has proven to be an unreliable practice as the airflow is not adequate to dry the drip or sweat fast enough to prevent dampening and accumulation around the wood strapping. One need not be a construction expert to understand that wet wood rots. Ice in winter from condensation adds the element of expansion and contraction fatigue on the wood strapping resulting in premature rotting of the wood. If exposed fasteners are used on wood strapping this is also an intrusion waiting to happen once the neoprene rubber washers are compromised. With direct to deck install and hidden fasteners metal shingle condensation is a non-issue.

Aluminum Benefits


    Clean lines and many colour choices to enhance the look of any style home.


    So durable it comes with a lifetime non pro-rated warranty.


    Tested and guaranteed up to 120 mph hurricane force winds.


    The most sustainable pitched roofing product available.


    High SRI cool roofing saves money and the environment.


    Permanent and worry-free for life our roofs require no routine maintenance.


    The only roof guaranteed at any proximity to the ocean.


    The highest fire rating available for roofing products.