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Metal Roofing for Newfoundland

Metal roofing in Newfoundland and Labrador is increasing in popularity as homeowners grow tired of constantly replacing temporary asphalt shingles. The unpredictable and volatile weather on the Island of Newfoundland shorten the lifespan of most traditional roofing products. The constant exposure to sea salt air and spray works to break down most roofs at an extremely accelerated rate.

Metal Roofs Guaranteed at Any Proximity to Ocean

Steel roofs can last a lot longer than asphalt for Newfoundlanders, but did you know a modern aluminum roof can last a lifetime and maintain its beauty at any proximity to the ocean? Modern aluminum roofs with durable PVDF coatings can actually increase residential resale values and provide an excellent return on investment if the right product is chosen. Four-way interlocking metal shingle designs, installed directly to the roof deck, resist high speed winds and allow for natural thermal movement of the roof. A product that uses Kynar500® or Hylar5000® PVDF colour coatings can actually be guaranteed never to crack, chip, peel or flake and can also come with long lasting guarantees against chalking and fading.

NewfoundLand Reviews

I want to report that Chad Clarke and his company did a first class job on replacing my roof with a metal product that looks fantastic.
Chad’s company removed cedar shakes that in some places were over 75 years old. Quite a mess was created by this, but every day the crew tided up the old product and we could live in comfort in our home while all this was going on.
The only delays experienced were due to unfavorable weather. When finished, I was totally satisfied with the product and would recommend it to anyone. As well, I would recommend Clarke Construction under the capable leadership of Chad Clarke. He was always up front with any problems and was quick to solve them during the installation.
Randy B.Topsail, NL 2017


Interlocking Panels

Panels lock on all 4 sides and guaranteed to perform up to 120 m.p.h. hurricane winds.


Panels are designed to be installed directly to the roof deck. No need for problematic battens and strapping used to install barn grade products.

Concealed Fasteners

Concealed fasteners won’t wear out over time because they are never exposed the harsh conditions of the Canadian climate.

PVDF Coatings

Technologically advanced PVDF coatings are thermally set and unmatched in the industry for long term performance. Guaranteed to never crack, chip, or peel and covered by lifetime warranty.

Coastal Climate Roofing Considerations

  1. Sea Salt Spray: Buildings situated near the ocean are exposed to sea salt particles in the air at all times causing rapid oxidization (rusting). Be sure to check roofing product warranties for exclusions based on distance from the ocean.
  2. High Speed Winds: Environment Canada warnings for Newfoundland & Labrador report winds up to 110km/hr. Most roofing products will have a line in their warranty about high speed winds –  be sure to find a product that is guaranteed for at least 110km/hr if not greater.
  3. Moisture and Heat Retention: Humidity and moisture in Newfoundland’s air tend to build up in the home, causing all sorts of moisture related problems. A non-porous roofing product that is placed on a properly ventilated roofing structure (attic or otherwise) can help extend the life of the home in general. Energy efficient cool roofing products are now available in the Eastern Provinces to help mitigate heat retention in the home and save on cooling bills.

Permanent Aluminum Roofing NL

Classic Aluminum Roofing Systems are available in Newfoundland and Labrador through Clarke’s Quality Construction in Conception Bay South.

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